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ALPHA started life back in 1977 as a modest, local church based initiative, described as 'a means of presenting the basic principles of the Christian faith in a relaxed and informal setting'. It's home then, as it still is today, was and is the Anglican Parish of HOLY TRINITY BROMPTON in London. Its first presenter was a man called CHARLES MARNHAM but today 'the face' of ALPHA is the assistant curate ' NICKY GUMBEL and to a lesser extent his boss, the vicar of HTB ' Sandy Millar.
As a first step in our 'assessment' I want to read a short passage from Paul's 2nd letter to Timothy ' 2nd Timothy 2: 1-2

*Refer to Figure No. 1 : The DX-EE may be installed as in inverted vee, flat top dipole, sloping dipole, etc. The inverted vee configuration seems to be the easiest for most amateurs to utilize. It has several benefits, such as requiring but a single central support structure for the DX-EE center insulator. Remember, though, the Alpha Delta DX-EE was designed for compromise installations where there are space limitations. A little thought will allow the DX-EE to be installed in spaces normally thought to be too small for an antenna for these frequency bands!

There are 4 basic brain wave frequencies and each correlates with a specific state of consciousness. Like sound frequencies, brain waves are measured in Hz, or cycles per second. In general, the slower the frequency of your brain waves, the more relaxed you feel.

Alpha Wave Movement - CosmologyAlpha Wave Movement - CosmologyAlpha Wave Movement - CosmologyAlpha Wave Movement - Cosmology